Fashion Inspiration Friday

I lived my early 20s in suits and high heels because I thought that was how adults dressed elegantly. It was supposed to inspire composure and power. Silly me, I know. Blame it on my education. All the models I had seen until then followed that pattern, so it felt natural for me to follow it as well. Until it didn’t feel natural anymore. I decomposed the suits and started wearing the pieces separately, and dared to wear flats.

Fast forward to my early 30s, my wardrobe is the best witness of my preference of A line skirts and cashmere scarfs. I understood suits are for clerks and government workers. Currently I don’t own any. I’m in a startup, so I get to dress however I want. I have a sweet spot for Russian fashion bloggers and I find tons of inspiration in their outfits. They might be opulent, but they are more realistic. It’s way smarter to be wearing boots and tights than shoes on your bare legs when it’s freezing cold & snowing πŸ˜‰

Without further ado, this is the roundup of outfits I’ve chosen as inspiration this week.

_mg_0930I love bold colors during winter. I’m completely in love with this outfit for every season. See full post here.


Midi A line skirts, need I say more? From here.


That pastel coat had me at first sight! Again, pastels for me in any season, please! From here.


All those brown tones are complimented perfectly by the touch of sparkle. See full post here.


Nothing better for winter than fur. Especially when it’s -10 degrees outside. And those shoes are just lovely! From here.


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