Branding explained to everyone’s understanding


What is branding?

According to, branding is the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.

Branding is the consistent theme that remains in your mind after watching countless ads. It’s the process a brand goes through in order to claim its uniqueness compared to other brands. Branding builds a reputation and certain standards which should be kept not only in the present, but in the future as well. Of course, the ideal move is to surpass the expectations created by the reputation and standards by improving anything that can be improved.

What branding essentially does is build expectations, and that should motivate the people working on it to do their best. It essentially defines a brand so everyone knows what the respective brand is and what it is not. Like many other things in this world, branding is about crafting stories and experiences that will turn one time buyers into loyal customers.

Throughout the branding process, the values and the purpose of a company are defined. Good luck defining a vision and mission! That’s one of the hardest things to do, especially at first. You will always set up with the most incredible offers, a river of milk and honey full of potential and possibilities, only to realize later your client can’t keep the promise for one reason or another.

Once you have decided upon what you have to offer and how you want it delivered, it’s time to think of the dreaded question. Who is going to buy it? You don’t have to tailor your product to suit a large crowd, but rather look for the niche who needs it and understands its value. The experience you create for them is your most important advantage.

The next step is to create visuals which complete the style you’ve chosen and which will help you sell. Don’t imagine it all ends with a logo, you need a consistent brand book, at least a brochure and a dozen images you will be able to use on social media. Which brings me to the next point.

Social media is your most important friend if you are a B2C entrepreneur. It works on B2B as well, but only with the right twitches. A website and blog go hand in hand with that. Build a consistent online presence and people are bound to remember your brand. Use the same fonts, colors and image styles. Offer useful content. Branding isn’t about selling, it’s about how a brand feels.

And the most important thing, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the creation. Every time I start working on something new I’m giddy because I get to unleash my imagination. And remember, if you work hand & you’re kind, amazing things will happen.


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