Fashion Inspiration Friday #7

This week’s roundup of outfit inspiration


I absolutely love tulle skirts and turtlenecks combined with A line skirts. From here.


A chic Parisian-inspired look with a touch of vintage. I’m whimsical enough to dress like that on a working day. From here.


Sweater dress and tall boots, this will be my winter look for many years even if trends change. From here.


There is something about this picture that inspires serenity and joy. And maybe a ray or two of spring. From here.


I love how the pastel blue soothes the boldness of the orange. From here.

PS: I’ve noticed a recurring element in this post, and that’s the beret. I didn’t purposefully choose the images for this post, I usually take screenshots of outfits I like on my phone, scroll through them and post them in order. As a young girls I hated berets, I thought they were plain ugly. These days I adore them, I’ve finally learned how to best style them and use them to compliment an outfit.


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