7 easy steps for a successful Instagram post

Instagram is one of the hypes of social media. Everyone wants a piece of it, however small, because everyone wants followers, right? Gone are the days where you would see a cute puppy in the street, take a pic, throw in some hashtags and share. People want quality content these days. Content they find relevant and useful. If you manage to woo them, they’ll be coming back for more. Here’s how to rock posting on Instagram.

1. Think about what you want to share. You’re feeling happy, or sad, or excited, or you’ve just been on a shopping spree. Think about what you want to transmit and find the proper image. Or take a pic yourself if you’re feeling creative.

2. Choose your image. It’s best to have at least 5 images at hand. Use different angles, rearrange the objects, compare the full pic and the close-up. In this particular case, more is better.

3. Edit the image. This is a vital step in the process. Make sure it fits with your overall style. Check your grid of pictures. If you use a preset, that’s great. If you don’t have a coherent style, it’s high time you change that.

4. Think of the best caption that goes with the pic. They say longer captions are better, and sometimes it might be true. However, Instagram is primarily a photo sharing app, not a story sharing app, and not everyone will have the patience to read your post till the end. Aim for a caption which stirs a reaction or a feeling. Write down the caption in Evernote or Keep or whatever other app you’re using, then proofread it. Make sure it’s just a tap away so that you can copy it anytime.

5. Choose your hashtags. They’re the thing that will spice up your pic and help it get found. Be creative, but don’t forget to check out which popular tags might fit. Now, there’s a whole charade around tags. Some people add widely used tags to gain views, without the pictures actually having anything to do with them. That’s cheating, and the viewers will sanction it sooner or later. It’s up to you what you use. Write the tags down the same way you did with the caption.

6. Copy the caption and upload your pic. If you use an Instagram filter, apply it, if not, go forward. Paste the caption and publish. In the past I would add the tags to the caption, but I’ve learned it’s better not to make it too stuffed.

7. Go to the hashtags and copy them, then paste them in a comment to the pic ASAP. Don’t let too much time pass between publishing and adding the hashtags.

That’s it.


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