Fashion Inspiration Friday #9

Today I’ll be working from a cafe, and my outfit of choice contains a trench coat, jeans and heels. Of course, my golden tiny bag will be on my shoulder, because I’ve given up the totes in its favor. Here’s this week’s roundup of outfit inspiration.


The perfect chic tourist look. Or relaxed office look. You can be whoever you want to be, your outfit will always help you with that. From here.


No, I haven’t had enough of the pleated skirt yet. And the shirt/sweater combo will never go out of style. From here.


I’d drop the beanie, but I love the rest of the outfit. From here.


A classic spring look (or uniform :D) you will probably see again in the next posts. From here.


We all have those days when we want to feel feminine and delicate and just a tiny bit elegant. This is the perfect outfit for the occasion. From here.


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