Why we need to create AI that thinks in ways that we can’t even imagine


Today marks the beginning of a new series, Tuesday TED. This will be all about ideas worth spreading, because ideas are what drives the best in us. The current article is about the hot topic of the moment, AI. For the longest time, AI was regarded as something alien and potentially evil, and it had Hollywood written on it all the way. Now, as we have gained more insight into this sophisticated topic, we know it’s centered around becoming better at specialized tasks, and it’s not here to harm humans, but to help us.

The point of these examples is to emphasize that all cognition is specialized. The types of artificial minds we are making now and will make in the coming century will be designed to perform specialized tasks, usually tasks beyond what we can do. Our most important mechanical inventions are not machines that do what humans do better, but machines that can do things we can’t do at all. Our most important thinking machines will not be machines that can think what we think faster, better, but those that think what we can’t think.

Read the rest of the excerpt here.

Image via The Next Web


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