Fashion Inspiration Friday #10

I always take screenshots of outfits I see and love. So my phone is now full of spring outfits that will probably stay there, because in the meantime summer came. I have been trying to publish another #FFI post for a few weeks now, but I was either on holiday or away from the laptop or something else happened. Hoping to break the hiatus with this one. Also, I’m feeling incredibly lucky because this time around at 5 months pregnant most of my clothes still fit me. I may be a little bit biased when choosing outfits, I love classical comfy clothes. I am against trends, because they come and go, and they only leave clothes to throw out behind. I am all for timeless pieces, which can be worn anytime, anywhere. I see clothes as investments, so I’d rather spend more on quality than more on quantity ๐Ÿ˜‰


I’m a great fan of strong colors, and a comfy dress never hurt anyone. From here.


Paisley? Yes, please! From here.


That time of the year when we finally get to be playful and twirl. From here.


I’m not a particular fan of any kind of trends, but this outfit looks almost perfect to me. From here.


Some days you just want to feel precious. From here.

Have a lovely weekend and stay chic ๐Ÿ˜‰


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