Fashion Inspiration Friday #13

The perfect look for running errands or running after your kids in the park. From here.


I’m absolutely in love with the vibrant style of this D&G collection. From here.


A midi skirt, t-shirt and fabulous sandals? Anytime, anywhere, please! From here.


All white looks are perfect for summer days. From here.


I’m a little girl at heart, so I can’t resist a twirling dress. From here.


Have a chic & fabulous weekend 😉


Fashion Inspiration Friday #12

This week has been filled with memories, amazing sunsets, family time and rain drops. Up to this day I can’t find an explanation as to why I’m changing 3 to 4 outfits daily, I guess I just do it out of habit. I’ve finally mastered the art of packing light, and of choosing capsule wardrobes for traveling. Hope your week has been filled with awesomeness as well. Check out the outfit inspiration ahead.


A nautical look is always in style, whether you’re on a boat or not. From here.


If I worked in an actual office, I’d definitely go for this look. How cute are those shorts? From here.


How cool are that yellow pleated skirt and blazer for the cooler summer days? From here.


I’m in love with the vintage and classy feel of this dress. From here.


Summer should be all about dresses, florals and hats. From here.

Have a chic & fabulous weekend 😉

Fashion Inspiration Friday #11

Due to the scorching heat and my growing belly there are only a few outfits I’m able to pull off these days, but a girl can dream and get inspiration, right? Here’s this week’s roundup of outfit inspo 😉


The perfect dress for a summer day at the office if you have a dress code. From here.


I may be a little biased over this, since it’s one of the outfits I’m wearing on repeat these days. But a sporty pencil skirt and a striped t-shirt never hurt anyone. From here.


Summer essentials. From here.


What’s better than a light skirt for running errands? A skirt with hidden shorts. From here.


If it’s summer, long breeze dresses it is. Another piece of clothing I’m wearing on repeat this season. From here.

Have a lovely weekend and stay chic 😉

Fashion Inspiration Friday #10

I always take screenshots of outfits I see and love. So my phone is now full of spring outfits that will probably stay there, because in the meantime summer came. I have been trying to publish another #FFI post for a few weeks now, but I was either on holiday or away from the laptop or something else happened. Hoping to break the hiatus with this one. Also, I’m feeling incredibly lucky because this time around at 5 months pregnant most of my clothes still fit me. I may be a little bit biased when choosing outfits, I love classical comfy clothes. I am against trends, because they come and go, and they only leave clothes to throw out behind. I am all for timeless pieces, which can be worn anytime, anywhere. I see clothes as investments, so I’d rather spend more on quality than more on quantity 😉


I’m a great fan of strong colors, and a comfy dress never hurt anyone. From here.


Paisley? Yes, please! From here.


That time of the year when we finally get to be playful and twirl. From here.


I’m not a particular fan of any kind of trends, but this outfit looks almost perfect to me. From here.


Some days you just want to feel precious. From here.

Have a lovely weekend and stay chic 😉

Fashion Inspiration Friday #9

Today I’ll be working from a cafe, and my outfit of choice contains a trench coat, jeans and heels. Of course, my golden tiny bag will be on my shoulder, because I’ve given up the totes in its favor. Here’s this week’s roundup of outfit inspiration.


The perfect chic tourist look. Or relaxed office look. You can be whoever you want to be, your outfit will always help you with that. From here.


No, I haven’t had enough of the pleated skirt yet. And the shirt/sweater combo will never go out of style. From here.


I’d drop the beanie, but I love the rest of the outfit. From here.


A classic spring look (or uniform :D) you will probably see again in the next posts. From here.


We all have those days when we want to feel feminine and delicate and just a tiny bit elegant. This is the perfect outfit for the occasion. From here.

Fashion Inspiration Friday #8


Burgundy, mustard and mauve, a very chic and feminine combination with a touch of preppy. From here.


For those moments when you want to shine like a diva. You know you do. From here.


Beautiful shades of red. From here.


A classical girlboss look has to incorporate a pencil skirt. From here.


What would we do without a pair of elegant cigarette pants and high heels? From here.

Fashion Inspiration Friday #7

This week’s roundup of outfit inspiration


I absolutely love tulle skirts and turtlenecks combined with A line skirts. From here.


A chic Parisian-inspired look with a touch of vintage. I’m whimsical enough to dress like that on a working day. From here.


Sweater dress and tall boots, this will be my winter look for many years even if trends change. From here.


There is something about this picture that inspires serenity and joy. And maybe a ray or two of spring. From here.


I love how the pastel blue soothes the boldness of the orange. From here.

PS: I’ve noticed a recurring element in this post, and that’s the beret. I didn’t purposefully choose the images for this post, I usually take screenshots of outfits I like on my phone, scroll through them and post them in order. As a young girls I hated berets, I thought they were plain ugly. These days I adore them, I’ve finally learned how to best style them and use them to compliment an outfit.

Fashion Inspiration Friday #6

Here’s this week’s roundup of outfit inspiration


I love seeing people smiling, and this entire outfit looks so simple & fresh & young! Outfit from here.


Again so much positivity! Makes me dream of spring and everything coming back to life. I don’t even know what to mention first: the loafers, the sweater, the bag or the flowers. Outfit from here.


Getting ready for the spring transition with another amazing outfit full of life. Outfit from here.


A sophisticated look full of femininity for those special days when you feel like dressing up. Outfit from here.


Although it goes a little on the formal side, I love the elegant allure of the whole pose. It would make a perfect fashion illustration. Outfit from here.


Fashion Inspiration Friday #5

Welcome to this week’s roundup of outfit inspiration.


A very royally blue combination, with velvet, fur and metallic shoes. That calls for a special occasion. And that embroidery necklace is just precious. From here.


Another statement outfit, because every post has to have one. For all the strong women who aren’t afraid to show off their style. From here.


I’m a great fan of polka dots and lace, need I say more? Oh, yes, Peter Pan collar! Preppy cute alert. From here.


I live in sweater dresses most of the cold season, so how could I pass the opportunity to share one? From here.


That pleated skirt and those boots got to me so much I replaced another look I had chosen to end this post. Because winter doesn’t have to be about parkas and ugg boots and black all the time. From here.


Fashion Inspiration Friday #4

I’m down with the flu today, so my only outfit is a tee and sweats, but I can dream of better days, right? Here’s this week’s roundup of outfits.


Pink and burgundy, suede and fur, a perfect combination for winter. From here.


How gorgeous and feminine is that grey coat?From here.


A casual outfit for a warm winter day. From here.


A retro, chic look. From here.


This outfit is so well put together I can’t help but feel awed. Love every single detail about it, but the cape is simply stunning. From here.