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You can’t treat me like that!

“People can be however they want to be, we can choose to be however we choose to be.” I’m starting to think everything comes down to 3 things in life: choices, mindset & emotional intelligence. Not everyone will love us or make us the center of their universe, and we should be ok with it.… Continue reading You can’t treat me like that!

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4 thought-provoking questions to spark conversation

We’re on the brink of a future beyond what we can fathom — a future with driverless cars, designer babies, intelligent robots, and digital doppelgangers. Who will you choose to be in that future? How will it change you? Here are four fascinating questions to get you thinking. See what you would choose — and… Continue reading 4 thought-provoking questions to spark conversation

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Self love isn’t cliche

Do you have standards or do you have expectations when it comes to yourself? You are enough isn’t just a motivational quote or a hot hashtag that will hopefully bring you more followers. It’s a way of life. It’s about knowing yourself with your pretty parts and flaws and accepting yourself just the way you… Continue reading Self love isn’t cliche

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Are you a super mom?

“3 children! You are so brave” & “Take care of yourself”. I heard this a gazillion times from people who don’t know me and have no clue what it’s like to have 3 children, or just one, for that matter. From people who are workaholic and neglect themselves and their own families, if they have… Continue reading Are you a super mom?

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One week ago, minus a few hours, baby bump came into this world. There has been a lot of adapting from 4 to 5 and knowing each other, so there’s been a little hiatus on the blog. Stay tuned because updates will take their regular course 😉 My weekly articles will take a while before… Continue reading Update

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Christiane Amanpour: How to seek the truth in the era of fake news

Known worldwide for her courage and clarity, Christiane Amanpour has spent the past three decades interviewing business, cultural and political leaders who have shaped history. In conversation with TED Curator Chris Anderson, Amanpour discusses fake news, objectivity in journalism, the leadership vacuum in global politics and more, sharing her wisdom along the way. “Be careful… Continue reading Christiane Amanpour: How to seek the truth in the era of fake news

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The freedom of choice

Who we are and what we do are results of our choices. Sometimes choosing can be overwhelming, by going for something we deny ourselves the other option and that can be perceived as detrimental. We have all the freedom in the world, but what we do with it defines us and leads to success or… Continue reading The freedom of choice